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« on: May 01, 2019, 06:43:25 PM »
Right now, all donations are being run through a paypal donation link. All donations are 100% voluntary and not for profit. I accept zero money for the sake to have money. All money goes to funding the Server, webhosting, domain name, and any other subtle funds we may have to pay to continue to have this community. You guys are the reason this happening. If you can donate the link is here.

That being said here is our total costs at this time

Right now we are running a Rise-5 box for $300.00

we use Siteground for webhosting. its around $10.99 a month

so far thats all we need. I personally think a sustainable ggoal is exactly $500.00 a month. That will give us a breather to pay everything and possible add a small Cluster around our Rise--5

This could be subject to change at this point.

I will be posting monthly receipts on payments to show proof that your donations go where they are suppose to go.